Magnetic Particle Inspection

NATA Accredited Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic particle inspection is a surface inspection method used to aid the visual inspection of ferrous parts for surface breaking discontinuities. Magnetic particle method involves first cleaning the part by to remove any excess contaminants from the part surface which may mask any surface breaking discontinuities or interfere with the migration of magnetic particles during the test.

After cleaning, the part surface is lightly coated with a white lacquer to aid visibility. The part is then magnetised by use of a portable magnetic yoke or by introducing an electric current into the part. Any defects open to the part surface will create a small localised north-south magnetic field. Whilst magnetised, magnetic filings are applied to the part surface. Any surface breaking discontinuities which have created their own localised magnetic field, attract the powdered iron filings to create a visible indication. Primary Applications:

  • Inspection of welds in ferro-magnetic materials
  • Batch inspection of cylindrical components e.g. bolts, head studs, rod bar etc.
  • Inspection of surfaces, too rough to be inspected reasonably by dye penetrant e.g. cast surface, porous materials etc.

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