Production Services

Linishing, Blending and Burring of corrosion removal to specified tolerances

Areas of corrosion, detected during non destructive or visual inspection, need to be removed before coating application or weld repair. Depending on the allowable design tolerances of the part being inspected, QMS technicians can address the areas affected by corrosion in these 3 ways:

Linishing – linishing is generally conducted after blasting, on broad areas which have been affected by clusters of shallow corrosion pits. The peaks of these pits, which affect how paint keys or binds to the material, are removed to achieve sound coating adhesion.

Blending – corrosion pits, which are generally too deep to have all oxides and corrosion product removed before coating application are blended to remove all corrosion product and to create a smooth profile which reduced the internal stresses in the part and allows for a more affective coating adhesion.

Burring – burring of corrosion is conducted on localized areas requiring weld repair. The affected area is grooved out with a tungsten grinding tool to remove corrosion and create a suitable profile for final weld repair. QMS technicians can perform all of the above production services in conjunction with survey and measuring equipment to ensure that allowable tolerances are not exceeded.

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