Copper Sulphate Inspection

Copper sulphate (CuS04) Inspection is a chemical spot test used by QMS technicians to identify the presence of non-ferrous coatings on a ferrous substrate i.e. nickel plating on carbon steel. Copper sulphate crystals, are dissolved into a solution and sprayed or swabbed onto a part surface. When the blue copper sulphate solution comes into contact with a ferrous material, the copper “plates” on to the material and forms a pinkish indication, however, when the solution comes into contact with a non-ferrous material no reaction occurs. Because of this reaction, copper sulphate can be used to identify breaches in coating and identify machined areas that have been machined back to the substrate quite easily. Primary Applications:

  • Inspection of electroplated coatings to detect breaches.
  • Inspection of clad surfaces to detect breaches.
  • Inspection of machined surfaces to confirm the removal of coatings..

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