Corrosion Surveying

NATA Accredited/ACA Accredited - Corrosion surveying

Corrosion surveying is a visual assessment to determine the type and extent of corrosion on in-service plant and equipment. Corrosion is estimated to cost $13 trillion dollars to global industry each year, or 3% of the global GDP.

Early corrosion detection and prevention can help reduce down time of equipment, reduce equipment operation costs and prolong the running life of plant and equipment. QMS ACA accredited corrosion surveyors can assess any in-service plant or equipment and produce a detailed photographic report outlining the type of corrosion, the incidence of corrosion and the location to help organisations make informed decisions on plant and equipment life. As well as detection and reporting, QMS are also able to offer a full service package whereby corrosion is detected and reported, then removed and non-destructively inspected for cracking and material loss.

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