Pressure Vessel Inspection

NATA Accredited/AICIP Certified - In Service Pressure Vessel Inspection

In service pressure vessel inspection is a visual survey conducted on boilers, pressure vessels and associated pressure equipment to determine its operational condition and to ensure the safety of the system and plant.

Inspections are usually carried out visually or with the aid of a fibre optic camera and a detailed photographic report describing all significant or non-compliant areas is produced. Owners of boilers and pressure vessels and pressure equipment have an ongoing obligation to ensure that their plant is maintained in a safe operational condition for its service life and that they have in place a safe system of work associated with that plant. Regular checks, relevant tests and maintenance inspections are to be conducted at intervals as required by the manufacturer or a code of practice, where one exists.

These checks, relevant tests and maintenance inspections should be recorded for the service life of the item of plant. Inspection of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure equipment should be conducted by an AICIP certified pressure vessel inspector and should be conducted:

  • Before being placed in service in the workplace for the first time.
  • After being returned to service after major structural repairs.
  • After being relocated, if it is normally fixed plant.
  • When significant alteration or addition are made to pressure retaining parts.
  • At intervals specified by a code of practice (where one exists) or as determined by the manufacturer.

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